Clinical Staff

Gerard P. Kinzler, LCSW, CAP, CEAP
Founding Executive Director

Nancy Ackerman, MS, CAP
Assistant Executive Director

Sal Pignato, MEd. CMHP, CAP
Senior Clinical Manager

Cora McNeese Nelson, LMHC
Substance Abuse/Mental Health Counselor
Lynne Kikwa, LMHC
Mental Health Counselo
Terry Wilson, MS, CMHP
Senior Addictions Counselor
Gillbert Gil, BA
Addictions Counselor 


Administrative Staff

Kathie Maloney
Executive Assistant

Susan Entrekin
Accounts Receivable

Katie Drumheller 


Board of Directors

Lonny Mead - President (Presentation Group)

Scot Peterson - Vice-President (Villas Sol)

Dan Carlisle - Treasurer (Direct Funding)

James Sandidge Secretary (Sea World)

Robert Molpus, MD - Member-at-Large (CNS Healthcare)

Brian Hanafin, Esquire - Member-at-Large (Holland & Knight, PA)

David Turner - Member-at-Large (Orlando Magic)


Directors Emeriti

James Strack - Founding President

Frederick Pearl, DPM - Past President

William Meagher, CAP - Honorary President

Jim Buchan - Founding Treasurer

Key Howard - Past President

Luis Gonzalez, Esquire - Past President

A Letter From the Executive Director

Welcome to Turning Point:

Let me take this opportunity to formally welcome you to our outpatient program. We are a small outpatient agency addressing alcohol and substance abuse problems. Alcohol and other drug abuse problems strike 1 out of 4 Americans in many different ways; we recognize drug addiction and alcoholism as a treatable disease. It is a disease that is primary. In other words it is not a symptom of a problem – it is the problem. It is a disease that is progressive. By that we mean it starts as a behavioral habit and eventually becomes unmanageable, leading to insanity and death. We recognize this disease as a family illness and deal with family and relationship issues while in our counseling program. We know that this disease does not develop in a vacuum, and the treatment and care must also include family members and loved ones.

We recognize that everyone who comes to our program is in need of looking at their substance use and abuse. Our goals are to help you change old behaviors and enhance your quality of life.

It is important for you to know that we strongly support the use of self-help programs; particularly, Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon (for spouse/partners).

Every person attending our groups and individual counseling will have the opportunity to work on the first three steps of the recovery program.

As the Director of Turning Point of Central Florida, Inc., it is my goal to provide the highest quality of professional services to you and your family members. All of our staff are here for you, and we want to work together to make your counseling a life-changing experience.

Gerard P. Kinzler, LCSW
Executive Director