In July 2004 Turning Point opened a Drop-In Center in our Sanford location at 203 East Third Street, Suite #102, Sanford. The Drop-In Center is designed to address the needs of the highly at-risk homeless population. It is a non-threatening, safe and supportive environment that is conducive for optimum substance abuse recovery. The Drop-In Center allows for the development of peer relationships and encourages this at-risk population to connect with resources in the community that prior to this have presented barriers to this population. Located in the heart of Sanford, the Center offers the clients the opportunity to establish rapport with paraprofessionals, develop trust in this non-threatening delivery system, and learn how to connect in a productive way with other needed services.

The Drop-In Center provides several types of services: 

  1. HIV/AIDS and substance abuse education;
  2. Counseling and life coaching; 
  3. HIV testing;
  4. Referrals to local community resources and
  5. A safe haven-a safe place to come where they will not be judged.

The Drop-In Center collaborates with Hope and Help of Central Florida, Seminole Behavioral Health Center, Place of Comfort, The Hope Mobile Team, Christian Sharing Center and the Seminole County Health Department. The program is staffed by two paraprofessionals who act as resource agents - connecting the client to community resources, Social Security offices, Veteran's Administration, emergency health care agencies, and food services. Clients are introduced to AA and NA readings and meditations and are given the opportunity to address housing, legal, dental/medical and transportation issues.

In the past year, the Drop-In Center recorded 4,794 visits from participants. Many of our participants have needs for personal items, such as: toothpaste, tooth brushes, soap, socks, deodorants, combs and basic essentials of daily living.

Any donations of personal items are greatly appreciated. Contact us at 407-740-5655 if you which to help.