The Employee Assistance Program is a job performance oriented approach to management of declining performance AND is a pro-active program geared to retaining valued employees affected by personal problems. EAP is a system of motivating and helping employees and family members to seek out and accept professional assistance in a confidential environment.

EAP is a worksite-based program designed to assist work organizations in addressing productivity issues and to help employees in identifying and resolving personal concerns.

EAP is in fact an employee benefit that offers employees and the employee’s dependents a voluntary mechanism that provides a confidential solution to personal problems before they erode into crisis proportions and become irreversible.

EAP is designed to be a management assistance program as well; it offers the line supervisor and manager positive alternatives to redirect performance problems that are on the decline.

EAP allows the employer to focus on their most important asset – human resources – and turn problems into profits!

EAP offers professionally trained counselors who understand workplace concerns, who are available to provide confidential assessments and recommendations in a safe and neutral-based professional setting. The EAP sets forth a policy statement which encourages employees to seek out professional assistance prior to their problem becoming irreversible and costly.

EAP will provide convenient and accessible services sensitive to work and personal schedules. Employee education is key to a successful program; employee orientation will focus on the personal benefits of the EAP and how critical confidentiality is to the program. Services will be provided by experienced EAP counselors licensed in the State of Florida as Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Mental Health Counselors or Licensed Marriage and Family Counselors.

EAP reduces absenteeism by 40%, accidents are reduced by 60%, and health care utilization is reduced by 35%.

EAP saves the employer by retaining valued employees and reduces cost related to training and replacement/recruitment expenses. EAP enhances performance and reduces costs related to workers’ compensation claims.

EAP is a winner! A winner for the employee and the family, the manager, and the bottom-line.